AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™

Introducing, AQUAGOLD® fine touch™, the world’s first revolutionary micro injector device. Beloved by celebrities before red carpet events, the AQUAGOLD® treatment is a super facial that yields incredible results. The ingenious device delivers treatments via 24K pure gold-plated surgical-grade stainless steel micro-channels, each channel thinner than a human hair. Each customised treatment is designed to micro dose a specially-designed skincare cocktail of vitamins,  micro quantities of botulinum toxin and soft hyaluronic acid fillers.

How is this different?

Conventionally, botulinum toxin is injected deeper into muscles, but because AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ can administer micro doses at a superficial level, the effects are seen right at the surface.


The results? Outstanding. Expect smaller pores, increased radiance, smoother, firmer skin, a reduction in fine lines, and an all-over plumping effect. The treatment itself is quick, gentle, and comfortable (we apply numbing cream). You’ll notice a difference in your skin straight away, with optimal results at around one week, lasting up to four months.


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