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A dramatic treatment that can be undertaken monthly.  Clients need to do NO preparation.  Arrive and receive a double face cleanse with products especially selected for your skin type.  The focus of the treatment involves removal of tired skin cells with a bonus effect of the vellus hair (peach fuzz) simultaneously coming off.  It is performed by our experienced Skin Therapist using a medical-grade dermal tool.

How it works

This takes approximately 15 minutes after which you will enjoy application of two professional grade, cosmeceutical products tailored specifically for the needs of your skin, one of which will be a protective SPF.  Next, you will be guided to the relaxation chair.  Here, the LED light therapy will promote absorption of the beneficial serums and cremes whilst you relax for 20 minutes. 


For your post-treatment homecare, we will provide you with an Aspect* Intense Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask which is enriched with vitamins, minerals, botanical actives and hyaluronic acids to soothe, nurture and deliver intense hydration for a dewy glowing skin.


*Additional Aspect Sheet Masks may be purchased in our online skin shop or in clinic individually, or in boxes of five.

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