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Micro-Needling with SkinPen®

When it comes to collagen induction treatments you should only choose the best.  We are extremely excited to have brought leading-edge micro-needling technology to Hawkes Bay: SkinPen® Precision.

How it works

This device is clinically proven to improve the appearance of facial acne, scars, and skin tone, having undergone 90 clinical studies before its release.


SkinPen® is the world’s first and only FDA-cleared micro-needling device and in 2018 was named the Winner of the Barry Knapp Aesthetics Product Innovation Award in the UK.  It is only available in clinics with medical supervision, and we are proud to be Hawke’s Bay’s  treatment provider for SkinPen®.


SkinPen® creates controlled micro-injuries to stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process while minimising cellular damage. The result: effective remodelling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.


Procedures take about 30 minutes. Due to their non-invasive nature, micro-needling sessions usually require little downtime for patients.

Our standard packages with SkinPen®

Our standard packages with SkinPen® are simple; pay for three treatments and receive the fourth for free


Many of our regular customers enjoy the convenience of the Peak Appearance Client Pay-In bank account.  Contact us for the bank account number, and then make deposits at a pace that works for you.  There are no charges and no paperwork.  As long as your name is on your deposit it will be credited to your Client Account with Peak Appearance, and will happily sit there until you're ready to come in and enjoy your treatments.  Easy.

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