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Smilemakers - The Romantic

Smilemakers - The Romantic

What it is:

Sensuous and powerful G-spot vibrator with an organic shape.

What it does:

With its organic shape, the Romantic is a sensuous vaginal vibrator crafted to stimulate all the vagina’s pleasure spots at once. Its wavy sides tease the lower vagina, which contains 90% of the vagina's nerve endings, while its long body and cutting-edge motion technology delivers a deeply satisfying massage. Fall in love with your inner self and discover a new kind of ecstatic pleasure with its innovative experiential modes.

Body safe. Silent. Rechargeable. Waterproof. Vegan & cruelty free. 5 speeds and 4 new experiential pulsation modes. 2-year warranty.

What else you need to know:

Final Sale: No returns or exchanges

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